My name is Stephen Taylor and I am a writer and author. The urge to write came upon me over twenty years ago. My first love is historical fiction - as well as writing it, I am an avid reader - and I always aspire to tell compelling stories, to engage and take people away from their everyday lives. My goal is to transport readers to a place or time where different rules apply, to give them a glimpse into remarkable lives, to engross them in nail-biting thrills where good fights evil.


The year is 1835 - in the back alleys of London John Campbell-John is running for his life. A rogue, imposter, swindler - a man without honour, without empathy for his fellow man.

But his massive debts have now vindictively caught up with him. He has even stolen from his best friend. He has one option - to flee the country

In Venice there is a chance encounter and an unlikely friendship emerges. Robert Babcock is everything John is not

A Canopy Of Stars

A Georgian courtroom drama, an unlikely romance; 2 lives changed forever. The year is 1823, the Old Bailey, a young man is on trial for his life. His crime?


The theft of half a sheep's carcass. He is educated but a Jewish immigrant, speaks little English, just another piece of London's low life to be dispatched to the hangman. In the gallery Julia sees his plight; can she save him?

The King of Blognogpontin

The King of Blognogpotin. The Princess of Helen isn't really a princess. She is just a lonely little girl whose mother has died and Princess is what her daddy calls her to make her feel better.


But she has two magical cats that bring excitement into her life. They take her on thrilling adventures to strange lands. In this story she travels to the strange kingdom of Blog-nog-potin where everything is so grand and the people have silly names.

No Quarter Given

A Georgian romp of a story:characters that are not all they seem, of rousing achievements; a story of an unlikely friendship destroyed by disloyalty,and betrayal.


The year 1785.On a London street there is a chance encounter between two young men:John Campbell-John and Samuel Medina. One is a rogue and an impostor and the other a man of honour, a boxer who wants to stand up and fight the world.

Ripples And Shadows

History is Professor James Postlethwaite's passion, both personally and professionally. When he, by chance, hears of some old documents that have been festering in the attic of a country house for two centuries he is keen to study them; manorial records together with journals written by the lord and lady, a first-hand view into the life of the Georgian privileged. But he is unprepared for what he finds, for what he reads

In The Morning When I Leave

Heather Moore was just starting to make her way in the world in her chosen profession of archaeology, when love to her unexpectedly; powerful potent love that invaded her very being. It was as though she had been ensnared like an unsuspecting creature that had, in one moment been frolicking unconcerned in the spring sunshine, the next caught in its constricting grip, the more she resisted the tighter that grip became.

Once Upon A Thatcher Time

The year is 1970. Off the Normandy coast a fisherman is killed on board his own small fishing boat. But this is no fishing accident; this is murder, a petty squabble between criminals, this is the grubby world of smuggling and drug running.
Twenty Two years later Nick Beverley inherits, on his 25th birthday, shares in a company founded by his uncle, the dead fisherman, and his murderous partner. But in that time the company has prospered, it is respectable, a multi-million pound trading organisation. It has taken advantage of the Thatcherite principles of greed, unrestricted free market economics, the elimination of bureaucratic economic planning.