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The year is 1835 - in the back alleys of London, John Campbell-John is running for his life. A rogue, imposter, swindler - a man without honour, without empathy for his fellow man. But his massive debts have now vindictively caught up with him. He has even stolen from his best friend. He has one option - to flee the country.
In Venice, there is a chance encounter, and an unlikely friendship emerges. Robert Babcock is everything John is not - honourable, academic, a man on an admirable quest - to travel to Egypt to find the earliest original copies of the Gospels to prove the reliability of the story of Jesus, as told in the King James Bible. Is Gospel Truth, as we say day to day, really undeniable?
It is a story of discovery, of adventure from the River Nile to the endless deserts of Sinai, from ancient Egyptian tombs to fabulous golden artefacts, and ultimately, a personal redemption.

The Secrets of Elloughton Park


Historian James Postlethwaite is told about a series of journals started in the eighteenth century belonging to Lord and Lady Carlisle of Elloughton Park in Nottinghamshire. Among the archives, he is surprised to also find the diaries of Ginny Farmer, a cinder maid.

As he reads the diaries, it becomes apparent that Ginny was involved in a long-buried scandal and he sets about discovering her fate.

The journals take him on a turbulent journey from a Bristol orphanage to the seedy underbelly of Georgian London. And as James delves deeper into Ginny's shocking testimonies, the past soon begins to chime eerily with the present. What really happened to Ginny. How did her diaries end up at Elloughton Park? And what scandalous secrets will James discover…?

The King of Blognogpontin

The King of Blognogpotin. The Princess of Helen isn't really a princess. She is just a lonely little girl whose mother has died and Princess is what her daddy calls her to make her feel better.


But she has two magical cats that bring excitement into her life. They take her on thrilling adventures to strange lands. In this story she travels to the strange kingdom of Blog-nog-potin where everything is so grand and the people have silly names.

No Quarter Asked Given No Quarter Given


A Georgian romp of a story:characters that are not all they seem, of rousing achievements; a story of an unlikely friendship destroyed by disloyalty,and betrayal.


The year 1785.On a London street there is a chance encounter between two young men:John Campbell-John and Samuel Medina. One is a rogue and an impostor and the other a man of honour, a boxer who wants to stand up and fight the world.

A Canopy of Stars.

The year is 1823, and at the Old Bailey, a young man, David Neander, stands in the dock on trial for his life. His Crime? The theft of half a sheep's carcass worth just 40 shillings. The system is stacked against him for while he is an educated man, he is a Jewish immigrant and speaks little English, he is seen as just another piece of London's low-life jetsam to be dispatched by the hangman with little ceremony and no one to mourn him. 

Yet by chance in the gallery that day, Julia Carmichael, the young talented daughter of a celebrated lawyer witnesses his plight. She observes the injustice inflicted upon  the accused by a a prejudiced and incompetent judge, and sees in David Neander what others have failed to see. Determined to help she delves into his past, and uncovers the remarkable journey he has endured, the privations he has overcome, and the stinging irony of being accused of a crime he did not commit. But can she and her father prove his innocence or must they watch him hang.

A Georgian courtroom drama, an adventure story, and an unlikely romance: and the story of two lives that are changed forever.


The Mystery of Rufford Abbey.

When historian Toby Wyatt receives a collection of chronicles written by Brother Roger of Hathern - a medieval monk who lived at Rufford Abbey - he is plunged into a nine-hundred-year-old Mystery.

The monk tells the story of Margaret of Wellow, a fifteen-year-old girl who is accused of witchcraft after experiencing strange visions. After careful reading, Toby realises that Margaret seems to be able to see into the future.

Back in the present day, a woman vanishes without a trace and the police are drawing a blank. Toby's research takes a bizarre turn when he discovers a link between the woman's disappearance and Margaret's visions.

Faced with a seemingly impossible solution to the mystery, Toby begins to question his instincts. And as the past collides with the present, he must decide whether he can put his faith in a girl who has been dead for nine-hundred-years.

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