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Welcome to my website, and welcome to my world.

Please do come in and have a look. If you like historical novels, you have come to the right place. If you just like a jolly good read, there should be something here for you as well.

Here you can obtain information about my novels and links to where you can buy them, and also news that may be helpful to you.

If you want a signed copy of any of my books, just contact me.


And now read about my new book - The Mystery of Rufford Abbey.

Just published.

The Mystery of Rufford Abbey.

When Toby Fielding, a 21st-century historian, is sent a recently discovered chronicle of the first Abbot of Rufford Abbey, he is excited. Eagerly he translates from the Latin, but he is taken aback when he comes across a strange account of a 15-year-old girl who was hanged as a witch in the year 1152 for claiming that she had had a vision of the year 2019 when she witnessed the killing of an angel.
This story academically takes him, but then he hears of a missing woman and, unsettling for him, the facts of the disappearance seem to mirror this ancient record. 
The story then crosses over to the police investigation and the struggles they incur - as the leading detective says - 'We have no forensics, no blood -no hair - no skin samples, no body, no suspects. Chuffing hell! We don't even have a bloody crime scene.' 
We follow the investigation, but the historian's information is rejected as the ramblings of an attention seeking loony. The story then takes us into occultism and the Third Reich as the police strive to establish the motives for the abduction, and a connection to a serial killer emerges. 
A story of medieval history, time travel, suspense, confusion and uncertainty, unexpected plot turns, and a tense crime thriller where time is running out.

Once I had read through the first 10 pages or so, it was impossible to put it down. Every night after my wife had fallen asleep, I would get back to the plot. Finished it in three part nights.....superbly written and keeps the reader on tenterhook. 
Amazon Review *****

Having read the first two books in Steve's trilogy, I look forward eagerly to

reading the third.
I took "A Canopy of Stars" on a recent holiday with me, and I was sad when I had finished it! I had previously returned from our daily stroll eagerly anticipating my afternoon session on the sunbed with Mr. Taylor!! 

Amazon Review *****

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