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Welcome to my website, and welcome to my world.

Please do come in and have a look. If you like historical novels, you have come to the right place. If you just like a jolly good read, there should be something here for you as well.

Here you can obtain information about my novels and links to where you can buy them, and also news that may be helpful to you.

If you want a signed copy of any of my books, just contact me.


And now read about my new book - The Lost Gospels

My Latest Book

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The year is 1835 - in the back alleys of London, John Campbell-John is running for his life. A rogue, imposter, swindler - a man without honour, without empathy for his fellow man. But his massive debts have now vindictively caught up with him. He has even stolen from his best friend. He has one option - to flee the country. In Venice, there is a chance encounter, and an unlikely friendship emerges. Robert Babcock is everything John is not - honourable, academic, a man on an admirable quest - to travel to Egypt to find the earliest original copies of the Gospels to prove the reliability of the story of Jesus, as told in the King James Bible. Is Gospel Truth, as we say day to day, really undeniable? It is a story of discovery, of adventure from the River Nile to the endless deserts of Sinai, from ancient Egyptian tombs to fabulous golden artefacts, and ultimately, a personal redemption.


Once I had read through the first 10 pages or so, it was impossible to put it down. Every night after my wife had fallen asleep, I would get back to the plot. Finished it in three part nights.....superbly written and keeps the reader on tenterhook. 
Amazon Review *****

Having read the first two books in Steve's trilogy, I look forward eagerly to

reading the third.
I took "A Canopy of Stars" on a recent holiday with me, and I was sad when I had finished it! I had previously returned from our daily stroll eagerly anticipating my afternoon session on the sunbed with Mr. Taylor!! 

Amazon Review *****

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